We are proud to have built a broad portfolio of clients over the past 40 years, so regardless of whether your ‘dream job’ is with a leading bank, international consultancy or disruptive technology start up, we will have great opportunities for you. Our consultants build and maintain solid relationships with you as a candidate, engaging with you through face-to-face meetings, over the phone, video conferencing and social media. We will consistently provide a single point of contact for every candidate. As industry experts, we offer advice on relevant legislation and industry changes, and provide help with CV construction and interview techniques.

  • Customer Focused: At Sanderson, we work with your best interests in mind. We are customer focused as well as delivery focused, and aim to offer the market's leading candidate experience. We invest time in understanding your requirements and do our best to match them to the roles we offer. We will keep you updated throughout the recruitment process.
  • The Right Match: We will not put you forward for a vacancy unless we are sure that you are a good match. This may mean that you are not put forward for every vacancy that you show interest in, but, by establishing specialist talent pools and keeping in regular contact, Sanderson can quickly and easily alert you when suitable vacancies arise.
  • Candidate Care: We work with candidates who are looking for permanent roles, and contractors looking for more flexible working, tailoring our services to their individual needs.
  • Permanent Candidates: As a permanent candidate you will be fully briefed about the role you apply for, the client's corporate culture and any specific requirements the client might have. You will be kept fully informed throughout the recruitment process, including interview feedback and helpful suggestions for improvements, through to starting your new role and becoming part of the new team.

    Our best permanent candidates are sourced through recommendation and referral. We prioritise the candidate experience to maximise this as well as regularly engaging with the wider talent pool through niche networking events appropriate to the skills our customers value highly.
  • Contractor Care: For contractors, we have a committed contractor care team and dedicated consultants who provide support throughout the full lifecycle of engagement. The relationship between our consultants and contractors begins early and gains strength at three key points: firstly, at face-to-face interview; secondly, during the induction and on-boarding process; and thirdly, during performance reviews or at networking events.

    Wherever possible, we induct contractors directly on-site. These inductions include essential information about the company and advice on how they can be successful in their new role. We introduce them to key client personnel, debrief them on how to carry out core tasks, and advise them on how to fit in with the culture of the business. Our contractors find this a valuable head start. We also continuously seek the feedback from you in order to review and improve our working practices.