Sanderson's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme has been created and implemented by those at the heart of our business who our accountable for the impact we have on our clients, our candidates, our markets, our suppliers, our environment and the communities we are part of. These are our employees.

Business Ethics:
Our CSR strategy is focused on three core pillars; Employee, Community and Environment and these pillars are underpinned by three core business ethics

  • Acting responsibly to our; employees; clients; candidates; environment, communities, suppliers and to our organisation
  • Being sustainable and future proofed to create another 40 years of heritage and beyond
  • Building employability through developing skills, knowledge and personal attributes that enhance a persons capability to be effective in the workplace to the benefit of themselves, their employer, their colleagues, their marketplace (clients, candidates and suppliers) and the local community

The CSR programme was created by a voluntary working group of employees from across the organisation who are CSR champions. Based on an individual’s own passion and interest they then decided which pillar aligned working group they want to become part of. Each working group of employees generates ideas and take responsibility for its own actions and feeds back on progress.



The employee pillar centres on:

  • Engagement – how we engage with our employees ensuring they are given an active voice in the continuous evolution of RSG
  • Development – creating opportunities, promoting development and investing in learning so our employees can fulfil their growth potential and enhance their employability
  • Inclusivity – fostering a culture where hierarchies or job descriptions are not a barrier to effective, cross-functional team working; where bright ideas are encouraged and supported and where everyone understands what each other does and what else they could do
  • Flexibility – harnessing technology to work smarter and questioning in a positive way traditional workplace practices


Work Ready Programme: In support of our employability business ethic we are fully committed to delivering a work ready programme that will enhance the employability of people in the communities where our employees are located. The work ready programme is designed by our Community Working Group and involves partnering with national, regional and local employability charities and trusts.

The programme is modular and aimed at helping participants develop self-awareness through exploring their skills, interests, value and motivations as well as providing practical guidance on;

  • Creating a compelling CV and digital profile
  • Using online job search tools effectively
  • Understanding the application process and psychometric testing
  • Preparing to shine at assessment centre and impress at interview

Charities: Our charity and fundraising initiatives are selected by our employees with employees given the opportunity to nominate a charity to support for 12 months. The Community Working Group then selects up to four charities which the whole of the organisation will support through volunteering and fundraising activities. In addition we continue to support crisis appeals.


We are committed to identifying effective ways of working that reduce the impact to the environment. This includes initiatives such as:

  • Investing in and raising awareness of technology across our regional network to reduce travel
  • Communicating car sharing
  • Promoting the cycle to work scheme
  • Building on our existing recycling practices
  • Reducing paper usage
  • Selecting eco-friendly suppliers