Celebrating Elaine Liston's 20 Years in Recruitment

Written by Amanda Souza | News | Blog | Posted 13/06/2024 15:00:28

June 2024 marks a significant milestone for our Accounting & Finance Director, Elaine Liston, as she celebrates 20 years in her recruitment career.

We have asked Elaine to share some tips for a successful recruitment career, and this is her advice:

Elaine Liston: "I began my recruitment journey after attending my first interview post-graduation from DIT with a Degree in Marketing & Management. I started working for Adecco and soon realised the importance of specialising. I moved into Accounting & Finance recruitment with a specialist agency, then spent seven rewarding years at Hudson, where I formed lasting friendships with Donal O'Donoghue , Gary Vitagliano , and Nicola Reid . Nearly nine years ago, I became part of the team that launched Sanderson Ireland. Each step has been a remarkable learning experience."

Here Are my Top Tips for a Successful Career in Recruitment:

Candidate Experience: This is at the heart of the recruitment process. Changing jobs can be stressful, so I strive to make it an enjoyable journey for accounting and finance professionals. Being a supportive ear and providing valuable advice at each stage of the process is crucial. Every candidate should feel delighted when they receive a job offer. It's wonderful to be part of this journey.

Building Lasting Relationships: Forming strong relationships with both clients and candidates has been the foundation of my success. Trust, transparency, and empathy have guided me throughout my career. Authentic connections are essential for finding the perfect match where both candidates and clients thrive.

Positive Outlook: Maintaining a positive outlook in recruitment helps deal with setbacks. Resilience and a supportive team are key to overcoming challenges.

Continuous Learning: The recruitment landscape is constantly evolving, especially with the integration of AI. Keeping updated with industry trends and best practices is essential to deliver value to clients and candidates.

Friendship: I'm grateful for the wonderful recruitment professionals who have helped shape my career. I enjoy being part of graduates' early careers and watching them embark on successful journeys in the recruitment industry.

I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities and experiences that this industry has provided. The people – candidates, clients, and fellow recruiters – have made this profession rewarding and fulfilling. Here's to the next 20 years of growth and transformative changes in the recruitment industry. I look forward to the new challenges ahead and to making a positive impact on the lives and careers of many more professionals.

If you are looking to recruit talented accounting and finance professionals, feel free to contact me via email:

?? Elaine.liston@sanderson.ie

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