Ireland's Economic Outlook For 2023

Written by Amanda Souza | News | Blog | Posted 05/01/2023 15:33:52

We would like to invite you to our exclusive event - Ireland's Economic Outlook 2023 in discussion with economist Dr. David Duffy. David will be discussing the outlook for the Irish Economy for 2023 including the impact of inflation, policy, rising interest rates and the housing crisis.

Before joining PII, Dr. Duffy was senior research officer at the Economic and Social Research Institute working in the economic analysis division and was an editor of the ESRI’s Quarterly Economic Commentary from 2011. Dr. Duffy previously held positions with the Chamber of Commerce of Ireland and Fitzpatrick Associates, the Dublin based economic consultants.

Get full insights into the Irish Economy for 2023. The event is free to join, click here to register 

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